Interim Pastorís Page


Coming up the highway Tuesday night (2/21), I saw the steeple shining in the night and thought, ďI hope that is Plentywood Lutheran.Ē Anticipating disappointment (because so often our churches have been built in out-of-the-way places), I joyfully discovered that it was indeed the steeple of PLC. Linda was still working in the office and she began the process of letting Bob and Lisa know that I had arrived. They helped me unload at the parsonage (which is impressive.) A few minutes later, Bob and I were eating pancakes at the community wide Shrove Tuesday Pancake dinner!

Ash Wednesday worship was the first order of business (Iíve never started this way before, but thanks to Bob and Marv and Ann and many others, I muddled thru). Along the way I got to unpack, met the Quilters and many wonderful people at the church office, went grocery shopping, learned how you do what you do (at least from their POV), and prayed to God that I didnít mess up!

You all have been extremely helpful and have made me feel very welcomed (and I wish I could remember all your names!) As an interim I know that I will unintentionally make some changes (for which I ask Ė in advance - for your forgiveness). I will ask questions about how and why about many things (for I seek understanding.) I hope you donít misinterpret my questions as challenges. Many Ė most - traditions will stay the same. There is a difference between having a tradition and doing something traditionally. I hope to honor God and the reason we do ministry not necessarily just do it the way it has been done in the past.

I plan to be in the office most mornings and other times, but until I learn your schedule and get settled myself, Iím hesitant to set a schedule and need to change it later (causing more confusion). Like unpacking at the parsonage, I tend to let the need fit the form. I look forward in serving God in this place together. Please do not hesitate to call if you need me.

Office: 765-1371, Parsonage: 765-1408, Cell: (309) 267-1653

TGBG! Ė Interim Pastor Paul




Plentywood Lutheran Church